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Athena Computer Power Introduces their AP-U3ATX55FEP

City of Industry, California

Athena Computer Power Corp. ® today has announced their new 3U power supply the AP-U3ATX55FEP.  Athena Power has acknowledged many of their customer’s needs for a power supply that supports 3U rackmounts and can produce up to 550W making it a power house PSU that can handle most high-end servers and supports Athena Power’s D300, D300L, 349R, 364R, 3055, RS316, E306, E3M16, CS833T, 300S 3U IPC cases.  Whether it is for Data storage or basic server functions the AP-U3ATX55FEP provides enough power to handle it all. 


Built with 2 dual 40mm fans, the AP-U3ATX55FEP can intake and exhaust heat generated from inside the server rackmount case and exhaust it outside to maintain cooler temperatures and sustain maximum life for systems.  Also included is the smart auto fan controller, by having this component inside the power supply the fan will spin according to heat levels and reduce levels of energy consumption and promote efficient power usage. 


The AP-U3ATX55FEP is the first and currently only 3U form factor PSU that has the active PFC function and full range system at the 500W+ level that helps regulate and switch the power supply into the correct regional settings.  By having this smart feature the power supply can be used anywhere in the world and work as efficient.  By being able to differentiate the power levels used this feature also promotes high efficiency, especially for those who want a more greener PSU.  Other higher wattages will be made available soon that ranges from 600-800 Watts.

About Athena Computer Power Corp.
Athena Computer Power Corporation (ACPC) is a rapid growing company with over 20 years of knowledge in the computer power supply industry.  ACPC is able to exude quality services globally by providing excellent sales, technical, and support services to our customers and clients.  Athena Computer Power Cop consistently undergoes product research and development to find better improvements in our products. ACPC believes in the approach of quality, yet low cost products. To do this, ACPC's team of engineers exerts challenging efforts to constantly improve our products in the most effective and efficient methods possible.  By doing so, we are able to save our planet by performing green computing in our products while saving our customers money.

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