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Athena Computer Power Brings on the Heavy Duty Power in Their 2U and 3U PSU

City of Industry, Calif.

Athena Computer Power Corp. ®  has added another heavy duty industrial power supply to their list of power supplies.  Concentrated in the 2U (AP-U2ATX70FEP8) and 3U (AP-U3ATX70FEP8) form factor, Athena Power has added a new 700W 80 PLUS certified version into their family.  By increasing the amount of power to the 2U and 3U power supplies it helps customers find a compatible PSU that will fit and work with no issues with their systems. 


The 3U form factor is a special type of power supply and only works with 3U rackmounts.  With the increase of demand for 3U rackmount chassis there is a high demand for a standard form factor that will work with the 3U rackmount.  Although the 3U PSU form factor is still very niche, Athena Power has taken the first steps forward to release the 700W PSU.  By releasing a more stringent line of PSU that supports the 3U PSU, Athena Power plans to create a standard for the 3U form factor.


In addition, the 2U PSU also received an increase of power, being one of the first in the market to have a 700W 2U power supply available for system builders and designers; the flexibility it creates for them is now very open.


Both PSUs come with the follow connectors and supports Xeon motherboards and any motherboard that has an EPS connection slot.

ATX Connector 24 (20+4) Pin x 1
EPS-12V 8 (4+4) Pin x 1
PCIE 6 6 Pin x 1
PCIE 6 6 (6+2) Pin x 2
SATA 15 Pin x 3
Molex 4 Pin x 3
Floppy 4 Pin x 1

About Athena Computer Power Corp.
Athena Computer Power Corporation (ACPC) is a rapid growing company with over 20 years of knowledge in the computer power supply industry.  ACPC is able to exude quality services globally by providing excellent sales, technical, and support services to our customers and clients.  Athena Computer Power Cop consistently undergoes product research and development to find better improvements in our products. ACPC believes in the approach of quality, yet low cost products. To do this, ACPC's team of engineers exerts challenging efforts to constantly improve our products in the most effective and efficient methods possible.  By doing so, we are able to save our planet by performing green computing in our products while saving our customers money.



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