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Fulfillment of Efficiency Desires in Technology (RM-1U100DD & RM-1U100DA-25)

City of Industry, Calif.


Athena Computer Power Corporation is devoted in seeking deficiencies of products and put forth a great effort to come up with the perfect solution for public demands. In terms of increasing the functions of rackmount (chassis) as the frame where computer system is mounted on, the company is now ready to launch the latest production of chassis, namely RM-1U100DD and RM-1U100DA-25. Aside from the user-friendliness, the chassis efficiencies in saving up cost and space will undoubtedly meet the needs of numerous different scales of businesses around the world.

The first dual system model from Athena Power's Mini-Server series, RM-1U100DD, undeniably brings greater efficiency to the user. Distinguished design of the chassis supports two ITX motherboards simultaneously. The ultimate excellences of the chassis lie on two different categories. First, it is equipped with FLEX ATX power supplies - dual power supplies that support two systems individually. Furthermore, the power supplies with capacity range from 220W to 400W are mounted on the chassis in order to meet all system requirements adequately. Second, RM-1U100DD also comes with four of each 40mm front intake fans and 40mm side exhaust fans that help cooling down the temperature of the systems inside. Also, in order to increase the air flow rate, the chassis comes with two pits located on the top cover. In addition, the chassis also provides removable and washable filters for great protection yet easy maintenance.

The company has been putting forth a great effort in order to provide a solution for small-medium businesses technology needs. RM-1U100DA-25 is carefully assembled to support mobility for the range of businesses and IT system integrators. It has two of 5.25 inches open bays that supports up to eight of 2 x 3.5 inches HDDs. Further, these two bays provide various options for IT system integration according to customers’ needs. Most importantly, RM-1U100DA-25 is also equipped with FLEX ATX, 1U standard, and 1U redundant power supplies. 1U standard is ranging from 300W to 700W. 1U redundant is 300W. Plus, RM-1U100DA-25 is also completed with 4 front intake fans that distribute cool air into motherboard and hard drives as temperature control.


About Athena Computer Power Corporation                                                                                                                                   

Athena Computer Power Corporation (ACPC) is a rapid growing company for over 20 years of knowledge and experiences in the computer power supply industry. ACPC is able to exude quality services globally by providing outstanding Sales Team, highly reliable Technical Support Services exclusively to both our customers and clients. Athena Computer Power Corp consistently undergoes product research and development in order to find better improvement in each of our product. ACPC strongly believes in increasing excellent quality, providing affordable cost products, and conserving our planet simultaneously. In order to actualize our goal, ACPC's Engineers Team exerts great efforts to constantly improve our products in the most effective and efficient methods possible. By steadily executing the effort and performing green computing, we are able to save our planet while minimizing our customers’ expenses.



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